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FDA has approved low does Phentermine for weight reduction. Phentermine is a safe stimulant medication that suppresses appetite and increases calorie burning. When used as an adjunct to diet and exercise it can help you lose weight by decreasing hunger and increasing the sensation of feeling full. Studies support the use of phentermine for significant weight loss.

Want to see if you’re an ideal candidate for Phentermine?

Reserve your medical consultation today. Your medical consultation will consist of your meeting with our Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner to ensure your health is in good standing. After your approved to use Phentermine you can receive your 30-day supply of diet pills.

Vitamin Shots

All-natural injections that contain Vitamins, Lipotropic Fat Burners, Amino Acids, and Appetite Suppressants. Whether you need more energy, need to give your metabolism a boost, or want to take your workout results to the next level, we have shots specifically designed for you. A quick vitamin shot just once a week helps boost your metabolism, increase energy, support the immune system, and so much more!

Semaglutide Weight Loss Program

Today Semaglutide is recognized as one of the most effective, safe, and promising weight loss medications available – when prescribed and monitored by a qualified physician like the program offered at Sente Bella MedSpa.  

If you have been struggling to get rid of stubborn body fat – and want to finally get the trim, thin body you’ve always dreamed of – semaglutide may be the key to your weight loss success. Schedule an appointment at Sente Bella MedSpa to discuss your weight loss goals and see if Semaglutide is right for you.


Semaglutide works with your body to make weight loss easy.

Semaglutide works by reducing your hunger and cravings by lowering your appetite and slowing down digestion, making it easier for you to stick to a low-calorie diet. It also helps reduce the amount of fat stored in your body, leading to gradual and safe weight loss.

Semaglutide doesn’t contain stimulants. 

That means no jitters or crashes.

Semaglutide is stimulant-free and won’t make you feel like other weight loss drugs on the market. Semaglutide also doesn’t require restrictive diets, allowing you to live a balanced lifestyle.

Semaglutide helps improve metabolic health.

In addition to helping you lose weight, Semaglutide also reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by improving your body’s ability to use insulin, as well as reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels.

Semaglutide is easy to use – just one injection per week.

The semaglutide injection is easy to use and only needs to be taken once a week, which makes it a convenient option for those who have busy lifestyles. Additionally, semaglutide has been shown to be more effective than other chronic weight management medications that require daily dosing.


How does it work: 

Helps you reach your weight loss goals by regulating hunger and caloric intake. GLP-1 agonists are medications that mimic the action of a hormone called glucagon-like peptide 1. When blood sugar levels rise after someone eats, these drugs stimulate the body to suppress appetite by secreting more insulin. These drugs also slow the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine causing you to feel full faster and longer, so you eat less.


Will you still be hungry? 

Yes, you will notice a change in your appetite, however, once you eat you will feel full faster and longer causing you to eat less. 


How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss with GLP-1 can vary, patients average 3 to 5 pounds of weight loss per month with weight loss injections alone, however, those who incorporate healthy lifestyle changes including a balanced diet and regular physical activity may lose more. 

When coupled with a healthy lifestyle, research has shown that the weight loss injections with GLP-1 can result in an additional 6 to 9 pounds of additional weight loss per month. 

Does GLP-1 Have Any Side Effects? 

Sente Bella MedSpa offers GLP-1 by injection, and, like any medication, there is a risk of side effects. However, common side effects usually improve after you’ve taken the medication for a while and your Sente Bella MedSpa can suggest remedies that may lessen these symptoms. The most common side effect associated with GLP-1 is nausea. This is best controlled by making small, incremental changes in dosing. The feedback you provide to your provider will determine your dosing increases. The most serious risk posed by GLP-1 class medications is low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). But this is the result of taking another medication known to lower blood sugar while also taking GLP-1, such as sulfonylureas or insulin. 

Less common side effects include belching, constipation, diarrhea, and fatigue. However, most side effects improve by weeks 4-6. In addition, GLP-1 has also been associated with a slight increase in gallstones, and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in Type 2 diabetics who take insulin and medications known as sulfonylurea’s (Glyburide, Glimepiride, Glipizide).

How Long Do I Need To Take Semaglutide for weight loss?

The duration of semaglutide treatment for weight loss will depend on your individual needs and goals. In clinical trials, treatment typically lasted for 68 weeks, but some patients may continue treatment for longer periods of time.

Patients with less weight to lose, or who are more disciplined about combining semaglutide with a healthy diet and exercise may reach their target weight even sooner.