Massages and Body Treatments

Embrace the ultimate in luxury with one of our many indulging and inspiring massages. Our Massage Therapists are experts at easing your pain and muscle tension and will gladly help you choose the massage during your consultation that will help relieve your worldly tensions and invigorate your mind and body.

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The Relaxation

Looking for a way to distress and unwind?

This experience addresses stress, dry skin, anxiety, circulation, and discomfort. This treatment is relaxing and distressing while improving circulation to help you unwind. Your massage expert will use nourishing oils and lotions soothe the senses with long, flowing strokes using light to medium pressure. You will love this treatment, feel rejuvenated, and be relaxed.


The Deep

Experiencing sore muscles or chronic tension?

This experience is ideal for active individuals who have specific muscle soreness, aches/pains, and relieves stress. Slow, deep pressure is used to target specific muscles and relieve stress. This is a completely customizeable massage based on your body’s specific needs combined with the dialogue with your massage expert that you will love.


The Stone

Looking for deeper levels of relaxation?

This experience is designed for muscle tension and stress. You will achieve deep relaxation, and melt away tension and stress. Heated stones are combined with aromatic oil and massaged over your muscles. This is the ultimate experience for enhancing energy flow and melting away muscle tension.


The Stress Reliever

Are you just stressed?

This experience addresses stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. This treatment will melt away your stress. An aromatherapy oil blend is coupled with a 60 minutes Relaxation massage followed by a 30 minutes hot stone back treatment. This treatment is the ultimate stress reducer.



Need relief from tired feet and backaches?

Experience addresses spasms, stress, discomfort, and lack of energy. Will aid in nurturing for both you and your baby in the first trimester through post-partum recovery. This massage offers a safe and relaxing way to alleviate some of pregnancy’s discomforts.


The Foot Relief

Do your feet need some love and attention?

Experience addresses all concerns to treat tired or sore feet. This treatment will be relaxing, soothing. It’s able to do this by targeting reflex points in the feet to calm, ground and relax entire body. This is a wonderful treatment on it’s own or as an enhancement to other spa treatments


Body Treatments

Sugar Scrub

Address dry skin, rashes, and stress. This experience will leave your skin feeling extremely soft and radiant. This is done because of the coconut sugar scrub, followed by a coconut infused massage oil. This tropical treatment begins with a full dry brushing; your body is then exfoliated with a warm sugar scrub that whisks away dead cells bringing out the softness and natural radiance of your skin. This is an extremely relaxing body treatment that will leave you glowing.



The Sea Weed

Do you have dry skin or want to restore hydration?

Addresses dry skin, detoxifies, and stress. This Experience extracts excess fluids, firm and tones the skin. The warmed seaweed is applied to the body and as you begin to relax in an herbal steam, toxins are released. After excess product is removed, the body is treated to a soothing moisturizing application of blended botanicals. The benefits to the body are tremendous as the mixture rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin, and stimulates lymphatic drainage, allowing stresses to melt away



Dry Brushing

This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, which also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It removes clogged pores and sloughs off dead skin. It helps reduce cellulite, helps with ingrown hairs, and rejuvenates your nervous system.



Do you have muscle pain, or discomfort?

Experience addresses muscle tension, stress, injury recovery, immune system, and discomfort. This treatment will aid in taking away pain, tension and stress. Our licensed acupuncturist will assess your individual needs and use several modalities to address your concerns. This is a great service that will keep your body balanced and relax your muscles.  Our expert Acupuncturist can help with a wide variety of concerns, reserve your consultation today!



Having chronic pain in a specific area?

Addresses muscle tension, tightness in the back, and injury recovery/prevention. This treatment stimulates the release of toxins and stagnation from the body and relieves stress. The therapist will slide suctioned glass cups up and down your back with herbal infused oil. This treatment can be experienced alone or in addition to a massage.