The Sente Bella Spa Rewards Program thanks you for being our guest in spa. Points are awarded each time you visit the spa and can be used towards spa treatments and/or products.  This is a complimentary program and is presented as a courtesy to all of our guest to thank you and reward you for your loyalty.

How To Earn Points Faster:

Client Referral: 500 Points (600 Points for VIP Members)

Pre-Reserving: 100 Points (200 Points for VIP Members)

Reserving Online: 100 Points

Retail Purchases: Each $1 spent = 2 Points

Yelp/Google + Review: 250 Points (300 Points for VIP Members)

Additional Feedback: 100 Points

Client Birthday: 100 Points (200 Points for VIP Members)

Create Online Account: 100 Points

Every dollar you spend: 2 Points

*2000 Points = $20 Bella Bucks



How do I know how many points I have?

Your points will be listed on your receipts at checkout, you can also view your reward points in your online account, or by asking the reception team when you would like an update of points you have accrued.

What are Bella Bucks good for?

Bella Bucks can be used towards treatments and products.

*Excludes nail services

How do I get started?

Simply reserve your experience, and you will automatically start getting rewarded for all of your treatments and product purchases.

How and when can I redeem Reward Points?

Once you reach 2000 points you can use your $20 Bella Bucks on any treatment or product of your choice.  You also have the option to let your points continue to accumulate to redeem at a later date.

*Excludes nail services


Additional Reward Program Information

Client Referrals

– Client must give your first and last name by check-out in order to receive points.

– Points are earned when check-out is completed, and not at time of booking or check-in.


– A “Pre-Booked” appointment can be for any future dated service(s), it does not need to be for the same service(s) received on the day of making the future appointment.

– When checking out, reserve your next appointment and this will be marked as a “Pre-Book”

– Points are earned at the completion of checkout of the “Pre-Booked’ service and not at the original time of booking.

– Points are awarded by visit, not individual appointments.

– Points for pre-booking earned are 100 points whether you pre-reserve 1 treatment or multiple treatments.

Reserving Online

– Points are rewarded by visit, not individual appointments.

– Points for online booking earned are 100 whether you reserve 1 treatment or multiple treatments.

– Points are earned at the completion of checkout.

Yelp/ Google + Reviews

We love to reward our team when they do a great job! Any thoughts on…

– Your experience at Sente Bella.

– Individual service providers/professionals at Sente Bella.

– Your treatment.

Must be 4 sentences please.

*Submissions under 4 sentences are appreciated although will NOT receive any reward points.

Testimonial Details

We only accept testimonials written by the service recipient. You may only submit feedback on services within 30 days of your treatment. When writing your testimonial please include your first and last name.

*Only 1 testimonial per visit, comments on multiple services, therapists, or do not earn additional points but are greatly appreciated.

*Must have record of you receiving a treatment(s) in our system.

Triple Experience Points Day

Pick any day to be your Triple Experience Points Day and earn points three times as fast on your spa experiences. You are granted one day per year to triple your points.


Program Rules

– Points do not expire.

– Bella Bucks can not be redeemable for cash.

– Bella Bucks received that day can not be used towards services on the same day.

– Points are earned after check-out is completed, points awarded for pre-booking will be awarded after check-out from that treatment.

– Experience testimonials are earned when received and read by Sente Bella.

– 2 points earned for each dollar you spend on treatments and products.