Corporate Wellness


Not only will your employees be more physically healthy and happy, your company will reap the rewards as well!

Healthy and happy employees = Better corporate culture

Solve Your Company’s Health Needs

That’s what we can do for you. We provide innovative solutions for individuals, groups and corporations to change their habits and health through fitness. And we would love to do it for you!

Whether your company is looking to improve camaraderie, build a healthier workforce or give employees options to take their fitness goals into their own hands, we could be the right fit for your organization.

We will work along side you to design the most effective fitness program or seminar for your organization.

Our corporate services include team building fitness events, wellness initiative kick-offs, and weight loss challenges.

Because each corporation has its’ own unique needs, we are happy to customize our services to fit your exact goals.

We take into consideration the corporate culture and are open to whatever the needs are of your corporation. We can provide all equipment for classes, employees only need to bring a bottle of water and a towel to lie on.


The Workouts

Participants can expect a high-energy class for 30-60 minutes. A typical class will have a dynamic warm-up, quick stretches geared towards desk jockeys and high intensity exercise that will hit all body parts. Our trainers are experts at modifying exercises for all fitness levels. Everyone will feel like they got a great workout and no one will feel like they were left behind. We bring different equipment each day including BOSU, agility ladders, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, jump ropes, slam balls, etc.


CONCRETE STRATEGY & PLANNING – All the employees have to do is to supply the effort, everything else is taken care of by LegeduNaanee Fitness. All the planning is taken care of by our staff so your employees don’t have to think- they just have to do.

“We look forward to helping in any way we can!”

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