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Sente Bella Med Spa specializes in spa, medical spa, physical fitness, weight loss programs, and holistic treatments to help you elevate the quality of life you experience.

What sets Sente Bella Med Spa apart from the competition is we take a whole body wellness approach. We are committed to maximizing the life experience of both men and women, throughout all stages of your life! Our teams of spa experts are continuously educated on the latest trends in their specialties so that we are always a step ahead and able to address all concerns that you have concerning your skin, body, hands, and feet.

Located in the heart of the Marina District in Downtown San Diego, the elegantly modern Sente Bella MedSpa has set itself apart through the programs that we offer, in house events that we have, and being a leader in San Diego for all things spa! At Sente Bella MedSpa, we want you to look, feel, and be the very best version of yourself. Whether you want to enjoy anti-aging skin treatments, a relaxing massage, nail care services, want to remove hair permanently, or want to learn ways that you can improve your appearance, we have the you covered!

Sente Bella MedSpa Offers

Botox Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Fillers

Vitamin Injections





Chemical Peels

Lash Extensions

Manicures & Pedicures


Fitness Solutions

About Our Medical Director

Dr. Sarosy completed his undergraduate and medical education in New York.  After graduating second in his medical school class he went on to complete his surgical training in San Diego.  After serving in the US Navy for 10 years he practiced in Louisiana, for 5 years before relocating back to San Diego.


Dr. Sarosy has been practicing medicine for the past 30 years and has focused on cosmetic procedures since 1998.  He has been the Medical Director of Sente Bella Med Spa since its’ origin in 2007.  He has been performing Botox, fillers and laser treatments for the past 18 years.  Dr. Sarosy and his medical teams top priorities are client safety and satisfaction.  All nurses providing medical treatments are all trained by him to ensure your safety.

Meet The Owners


The creative force driving the Sente Bella  brand is Legedu “LA” Naanee, and Erin Battle serial entrepreneurs with a passion for health, wellness & beauty services.


LA played professional football in the NFL for 6 years with the Chargers, Panthers, and Dolphins. In his time as a professional athlete he had to constantly take care of body to make sure that he was always ready for the next practice, game, and/or season. He realized the importance of taking care of his body and realized there were many more benefits to regularly visiting the spa than just making your muscles feel good, it can balance you, improve the way you think, and make your overall quality of life better! In his travel all over the country he realized that a lot of clinic/spa’s, etc. specialized in one or two things but their weren’t many places that addressed all of the needs that people have in one place.


After graduating from the NFL, LA utilized his degree in Business Management from Boise State University to fill a void that he felt was missing. “As a professional athlete you can’t rely on your skill, you have to be willing to put in more work, have to pay attention to every detail, and you have to be constantly improving. These are the same principals I use in owning and operating Sente Bella MedSpa”.


Erin has been an entrepreneur since 2006 when she purchased her first business in the beauty at the age of 22. After successfully owning and operating that business (as she still does today) she loved helping clients achieve benefits that they didn’t know were possible, and has a passion about making sure guests always have the very best experiences. Her love and passion for the beauty industry, made Sente Bella MedSpa the perfect opportunity to help more people in San Diego county enhance the way the look, and feel.